Our Logo

As time goes on, this logo will become more and more familiar. It is our wordless testimony of who we are and what our work for the Lord is all about. The following is an explanation of the symbols that comprise the logo:

The cone-shaped background represents a leaf for the greenbelt area that surrounds the geographic area as well as a bishop’s mitre, indicating our unity with the local church under our Archbishop and St. John Neumann, Bishop of Philadelphia.

The cross is a statement of our faith: salvation comes to us through Jesus Christ; we are called to make Christ’s cross known in this place; St. John Neumann was a missionary who carried the cross to early America.

The book is representative of a community founded on the Scriptures: God’s word lives among us. St. John Neumann was one of the founders of Catholic education in this country.

The people symbolize our Eucharistic community, as we live with other communities as brothers and sisters.