Our Patron Saint

  Our Patron Saint's feast day is January 5   
John Neumann, as a student for the priesthood in Bohemia, dreamed of log cabins and Conestoga wagons in America. He yearned to be a missionary to these developing states. So much so, that when he was 25, he crossed the Atlantic before his ordination. After his ordination by Bishop Dubois of New York, he started his ministry in the wild territory surrounding Niagara Falls, where he built many churches and was known for his love of children.
Through the following years he ministered and preached in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio, serving in the Cincinnati archdiocese in 1841, and was named Bishop of Philadelphia in 1852. As the head of the Church of Philadelphia, he built 70 churches - with a school in almost every parish - in less than eight years!

Bishop John Neumann was the pioneer promoter of the Catholic school system in America. He established the first church in America for Italian-speaking people and founded the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis.

At age 48 he collapsed in the street and died, worn out from his labors. The Holy See pronounced his virtues heroic, and in 1977 officially listed his name among the canonized saints: the first U.S. bishop, priest, or man to receive this honor. Our patron saint’s feast day is January 5.