Marriage in the Catholic Church requires that at least one person be an active Catholic. You and your fiance are required to prepare adequately for the commitment of marriage and the sacrament. The process usually takes about 6 months so we suggest contacting us early to leave enough time to prepare. Some of the necessary items include:

1. A copy of your baptismal certificates. If you were baptized I will need some evidence of that event. If you know where you were baptized they should have some written record. If they do not then someone needs to validate the fact. For any Catholic wedding to be considered sacramental in nature it must be between two baptized individuals. Of course, any baptized Catholic may marry someone who is not baptized but it requires additional permission to occur in the Catholic Church.

2. You will need to schedule a pre-Cana session. These occur at various locations so you will need to contact the Family Life Office for more details. You may want to ask the parish if pre-Cana classes are offered in your area if you are not living in Hamilton or Bulter Counties.

3. You will be assigned a couple to help you discuss the FOCCUS. FOCCUS stands for Faciliating Open Communication between Couples for better Understanding and Study. Basically, this is an inventory of questions related to married life and you and a trained couple will discuss over the course of several weeks.

4. We will need to spend several meetings planning the wedding rite. You need to be thinking about selecting two (2) readers and someone to read the petitions. So you will need three really good speakers. You will be selecting your own readings. One from the Old Testament, New Testament and a Gospel reading. I will help you and give you all the options to choose from later. You will be writing your own petitions. Again, there is a format and samples to follow.

5. Do you plan to use a Unity Candle? If so some discussion of this will be needed. 

For more information, please contact Pat Palumbo in the Parish Office at 742-0953, ext.17 or email

6. You will need to secure your wedding license prior to the rehearsel and bring it that evening.  Please log onto the Hamilton County web site to find out more details on how to get the license or if you live in another county please see that county's requirements.

7. This is only a partial list so please call us with any questions...Email with questions or whatever...

I know you have a lot going on but your wedding will be here before you know.  I hope you enjoy this time of engagement and preparation and do not get stressed out...

Deacon Pat Palumbo
513-535-1885 (cell)