If You Want To...

I want to get more information so please call or email the following....

arrange for a funeral for some who has just died Deacon Ron Risch
arrange for a Memorial Mass or service Fr. Kyle Schnippel or Deacon Ron Risch
ask a question about the Catholic Faith Fr. Kyle Schnippel
ask for financial help please call the office Mandy McNett
ask for prayers Cindy Fuerbacher 
become a priest Fr. Kyle Schnippel
be anointed with the oil of the sick Fr. Kyle Schnippel
be baptized Call the Parish Office
be confirmed Call the Parish Office
become a Catholic Call the Parish Office
become a member of the parish Cindy Fuerbacher 
come back to Church Fr. Kyle Schnippel
decide how much to put in the Sunday collection Mandy McNett
distribute communion at Sunday Mass Cindy Fuerbacher 
enroll a child in religious education Barry Reynolds
find an answer to a question about the Catholic faith Call the Parish Office
find out about youth ministry Becky Albrinck
find the scripture readings for Sunday or daily Mass Scripture Readings 
get an annulment (information on Church's view on divorce) Fr. Kyle Schnippel
get directions to the church Directions
get married in the church Deacon Pat Palumbo or Fr. Kyle Schnippel
give a gift to the parish Mandy McNett
go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation Fr. Kyle Schnippel
have a child make first communion Call the Parish Office
have a Mass offered Cindy Fuerbacher 
have your marriage blessed-- Deacons: Pat Palumbo/Ron Risch
help engaged couples get ready for marriage Deacon Pat Palumbo
help plan funerals Fr. Kyle Schnippel or Deacon Ron Risch
help with RCIA Barry Reynolds
include the parish in your will Mandy McNett
join the parish Cindy Fuerbacher 
join the scouts Cindy Fuerbacher
join the men's organization Cindy Fuerbacher 
join the senior citizens group Cindy Fuerbacher 
join the women's organization Cindy Fuerbacher 
know what it means to be a Catholic Deacon Ron Risch
lead service projects with youth Becky Albrinck 
make a suggestion Fr. Kyle Schnippel
offer a service to the parish Call the Parish Office
play a musical instrument at Mass David Morand
prepare a meal for the sick or homeless Cindy Fuerbacher 
register a complaint Cindy Fuerbacher
register a compliment Cindy Fuerbacher
rent the parish hall Cindy Fuerbacher  
return to the Catholic Church Fr. Kyle Schnippel
send a child to Catholic school Mandy McNett
shop online and help our school School Shopping Cent$ Order Form
sing in a music group David Morand
take communion to the sick Cindy Fuerbacher
talk to a priest Fr. Kyle Schnippel
tell someone that I am unemployed Cindy Fuerbacher 
visit the homebound Cindy Fuerbacher
volunteer at the office Cindy Fuerbacher 
work at the parish festival Cindy Fuerbacher